Shop Fox W1671 Heavy-duty Mortising Machine

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The Shop Fox W1671 Heavy-duty Mortising Machine eradicates the unwanted wood movements and the highly common problem of sticking chisels. The machine unique swiveling base is one of the major machine strongpoint especially because it allows easy off bench operations and customization of the mortises. The machine is designed with a larger depth and extra height, which allows holding of larger stock and thus, ideal for people with larger capacity needs.

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Shop Fox W1671 Heavy-duty Mortiser Features

The Shop Fox heavy-duty mortising machine is popular with most users due to its quick to adjust all-steel depth stop. The machine provides an easy to stop feature, which guarantees a positive stop. The Shop Fox W1671 heavy-duty mortiser with its friendly and unique features guarantees perfect mortises every time an individual uses it. The iconic features that make the machine a one in a million product include 8-tool holder, 22-inch long solid quick steel handle, large base and hardened columns. The mortising machine manufacturers emphasized on tackling all customers’ frustrations with earlier made mortising machines.

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At a glance, the Shop Fox W1671 mortising machine includes an aluminum-finned motor with a single phase that is ¾ HP in size. Other mortising machine iconic features include the adjustable depth stop rod, unique swiveling base, gas spring return, and double support columns and Jacobs’s taper number two spindle. The machine further includes an 8” wide board mortise at the center, and an 8-3/4” thick mortise lumber, heavy cast iron construction and a Micro adjustable fence. The Shop Fox W1671 Heavy-duty Mortising Machine also features an extra long 22” quick set handle, ½” JT number two chunk and measures an approximate weight of about 94lbs.

The Shop Fox W1671 mortising machine is the benchmark of all mortises in the market with high quality features that offers zero faults. The great features integration that makes the machine standout among competitors includes the precision ½” chunk, which removes the need to alter bits and chisels. The machine extra capacity makes it efficient by using larger stock and thus, saves people energy, time and resources consumed by small capacity mortising machines. The quality of the machine features makes it more durable with less maintenance.

Shop Fox W1671 Mortising Machine Review

The Shop Fox W1671 heavy-duty mortising machine has attracted positive reviews from majority of users with most describing the machine as the king of the morters. Some of the pros that have made the machine ideal to most users include the great value. The mortising machine comes in a competitively low price in comparison with its major competitors. The machine further offers mechanical advantage over competitors due to its iron casting. The machine also features an interesting 3450rpm, which is higher than most of the major competitors. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

Despite the great features and quality of the Shop Fox W1671 heavy-duty mortising machine, it is rarely possible to find some regrettable shortcomings such as damage during shipping. In case the mortising machine is damaged on arrival, you can return it for replacement. Consequently, I can assure you the shortcomings are the minimal possible with the mortars.

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