Powermatic PM701 Bench Mortiser

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The Powermatic PM701 Bench Mortiser is a specialized woodworking machine that is used to sever square or rectangular holes in a piece of lumber.

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Powermatic PM701 Bench Mortiser Features

The Powermatic Model 701 bench top deluxe mortising machine comes with several useful add-on tools and plays crucial role in wood workings. it is powered by a 3/4-horsepower, 115-volt motor that performs at 1725 rpm and has a toss capacity of 1/2-inch. The head-stroke capacity is 5-1/2-inches and the chisel center to fence is 4-3/8-inch with a chisel capacity up to 3/4-inch. It has an in line depth stop which allows the woodworker to stop at pre-set depths without racking the drill bit to the base. The heavy-duty handle is reversible and can be setup to either side of the head without any specific use of other tools. This can be of crucial help to left handed workers.

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The Powermatic PM701 benchtop mortiser also has 2 integrated bit and mold spacers for swift set up. It comprises of Large, hinged chuck door with magnetic catch that allows rapid access to the chuck. The standard equipment has a removable safety switch key and integrated chisel and tool holder among many of its other features. The railing is attuned with by a rack and pinion system. The stout handle of the machine is long enough for providing ample leverage.

Powermatic PM701 Bench Mortiser Review

The Powermatic PM701 mortiser has received good reviews and has proved to be of great use to the workers all in all. Buyers were happy with the machine’s workmanship and praised the smooth runs of the motor. Compared to other machines which have 1/2 horsepower, Powermatic PM701 mortising machine’s 3/4 horsepower is an added benefit. Many others greatly liked spacer fitting for the chisel and auger. In fact one of the workers has interestingly described the machine as “the machine that works with a vengeance!” Click here to read these reviews.

The greatest praise came from the left handed workers who found the machine to be really efficient while working. This is because the handle is reversible to the left side of the machine. Others too have applauded the addition of table rollers which allows keeping the board firmly against the fence. The machine parts fit perfectly which accords to the precision of the machine’s setup and ease of use, as reported by an intermediate skilled woodworker. The machine’s ability to not get bogged down is of great advantage to the workers.

Though some people found the machine to be very stiff there were negligible negative reviews for Powermatic PM701 Bench Mortiser as the machine has proved to be quite handy to the wood workers. So all in all it is a good working machine with minimal or zero minus points.

The price of the Powermatic PM701 Bench Mortiser is quite affordable and with great features the machine has already proved to be on workers list of one of the best machines available for woodworking process. It is highly recommendable for all groups of workers whether beginner, intermediate or advanced as it is extremely useful and of great functional quality. A must buy for making some really good mortises. Click here to SAVE $91 for a limited time only!

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