Jet JBM-5 Bench Mortiser

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The Jet JBM-5 Bench Mortiser is the ultimate wood working tool for the discerning wood worker. It comes ready to use and saves time in setting up and down of wood working tools. It is made of hardy materials namely cast iron and steel so you are assured of quality and durability. Your wood working is likely to be more accurate and easier from using this wonderful time saving tool.

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Jet JBM-5 Bench Mortiser Features

One of the features that sets the Jet JBM-5 mortiser apart is the 1752 rpm motor and the fact that it is powered at 115 volts. This is one sure way to get you done with your mortising in the shortest time possible. It is so easy to use this tool that even a beginner will use it with ease and produce great mortise and tenon joints for wonderful and sturdy furniture.

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When working on the Jet JBM-5 Bench Mortiser it is easy to change the bits so you work faster and with minimum of hassles. It is also great to know that this model comes with additional bits so once you set it up you are ready to start working. In addition you get a chuck key so you do not have to hurt your knuckles as you work.

This Jet bench mortiser is only 44 pounds in weight and the sturdy base it stands on is adjustable. For one you get to set it at a comfortable height as you work while also you can adjust it depending on the type of work you are doing. The heavy duty cast iron base also has pre drilled holes for mounting which makes it very easy to set up and start your work.

Jet JBM-5 Bench Mortiser Review

These are just some of the features that make the Jet JBM-5 Bench Mortiser such a popular tool for the woodworkers. There are over 77 reviews with almost half of these giving the tool the highest rating of 5-star. The price is just right and then some compared to the quality of work it produces. These are some of the sentiments shared by the reviewers who have used this product to their satisfaction. Both professional and amateur wood workers give this model a thumbs-up in quality and especially the pricing. Click here to read more reviews.

It is important to ensure that your JBM-5 is set up properly on the bench before you begin working. Ensure that you do have a stable and level bench to start with too so that the level of stability of this tool is enhanced for better quality work. You will avoid accidents and the quality of work you will produce will be top notch. It is worth noting that instructions should be followed precisely so that there are no breakages or injuries during use.

The Jet JBM-5 Bench Mortiser is a great tool that is worth every penny. It has helped many wood workers to produce wonderful and stable mortise and tenon joints in all manner of furniture from drawers to cribs and closets. This is the tool for the discerning wood worker out to produce quality furniture with little or no hassle at all. Click here to SAVE $69 on the Jet JBM-5 Bench Mortiser for a limited time only!

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