Grizzly G0645 Bench-Top Mortising Machine

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There are many tools to help make your woodworking better but the Grizzly G0645 Bench-Top Mortising Machine so far surpasses them all. It is a sturdy piece of machine that is easily customizable since it is a bench-top. This is the best type as you can use it anywhere where there is a bench. For extra versatility you can custom-make a stand for it so that it is more portable. It is one of the prized gems in your home shop.

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Grizzly G0645 Bench Mortiser Features

It is easy to drill square sided mortises using the Grizzly G0645 bench mortising machine. The head control is ideal for this type of jobs and the mechanism has a cover which means that there is little chance of it getting clogged with saw dust and other wood pieces. The piece of wood you are working on is also protected from pieces of sawdust which can ruin results. This is great assurance of a perfect mortising job always

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It is very easy to assemble the Grizzly G0645 Bench-Top Mortising Machine and the ½ HP motor is powerful enough to cut through any piece of wood. This gives versatility since you are not limited to the thickness and quality of wood to work with. Changing mortising drills is very fast since the drill chuck is easily accessible. This saves on time meaning your output is higher which translates to great value for money too.

When you buy the G0645 bench-top mortiser you get a tool rack on the back of the column which also comes with four chisels. There is also a dovetailed column and head for increased efficiency. This includes 1-3/4” riser block too which comes in very handy in this type of jobs. The beauty of this Grizzly mortising machine is that it cuts a very neat mortise joint and you hardly need to clean it up for that perfect finish.

Grizzly Bench-Top Mortising Machine Review

You will find 3 great and detailed customer reviews on for the Grizzly G0645 Bench Mortising Machine. One gives a 5-star rating and two give 4-star rating putting the average rating at 4.3. This is an impressive accomplishment for this simple yet versatile mortising machine. One of the most impressive features about it is the ease of assembly. Usually you would expect a machine of this caliber to have complicated set-up details but this is not the case. The included tool kit and holder is a great plus, it means that once you have the machine up, you can immediately start working that wood and produce award-winning mortise. Click here to read more reviews.

The impressive features on the Grizzly Bench-Top will leave you totally taken in and you will realize that there is nothing really not to like about this machine. One reviewer just thought that some of the parts were too small for his large hands to operate smoothly, though this is just a minor issue.

You will agree that the Grizzly G0645 Bench-Top Mortising Machine is great value for money considering the price it retails for. You can be assured of perfect joints every time you use it. Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

Maya June 1st, 2012 (#)

I see by previous comments this will be redundant, But You are a genius! People pay up to $4,000.00 for a machine like this. I purchased one from Laguna Tools for $1,000.00 and it is not as accurate for vertical measurement as yours is! Laguna does have a floor-stand mortiser similar to mine with more options and accuracy but guess what? $4,000.00.

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